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. Konichiwa
WELCOME TO BREAK THE CHAINS, an original anime based roleplay. BTC is a no word count site which allows users to interact with others through a play-by-post. Characters; however, must be anime/manga based face claim. Absolutely, no real life characters. There is no direct plot line; members are free to do as they please. However, plot events may occur, and anyone willing to participate may do so.

BTC is a new forum; therefore, member and activity is slow. We warmly welcome new comers; guests and new members alike. Please fill free to lurk around and enjoy as the site slowly progresses. Thanks for stopping by, love. (◠‿◠✿)

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 Caverly, Noir

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PostSubject: Caverly, Noir   Caverly, Noir EmptyFri Apr 05, 2013 3:27 pm

//Caverly, Noir Cecilia
ALIAS. Cecil
AGE. 20
OCCUPATION. Bakery Cashier
GANG/ORGANIZATION. Phoenix Dawn // An all girl organization. Head Leader.
GENDER. Female
SEXUALITY. Hetrosexual
WEIGHT. 118 lbs.
HEIGHT. 05'06"

APPEARANCE.Noir stands at a height of five foot and six inches; she is exactly one-hundred and eighteen pounds. Her hair is the color of charcoal, dark, slightly wavy, and silky smooth. She has a cute petite nose with high cheek bones which help define her facial structure. Her eyes are a natural blue, but depending on her mood, they tend to change. Her physic is that of a model. Noir has an hourglass figure with a light porcelain complexion. She might look lanky; however, don't let those eyes fool you because not only does she have two percent body fat, but she also has unseen muscles.
PERSONALITY.If one were to truly define Noir, one would say that she is kind and trustworthy who will help those in need. In fact, that is exactly who Noir is. She is kind to strangers and will put others before her own. In most case, Noir can shadow herself and become an innocent girl; however, deep beind her innocence Noir has a sense of dignity and strength. She's not afraid to speak her mind, if all else fails. Her words are powerful, and her punches and kicks are over the top.
// Men: There's just something about mean with abs and muscles that makes Noir turn her head.
// Guns: Noir has a sense of using and collecting guns. She's very well adapted to it, and has great aim.
// Candy: As bad at is, Noir has a sweet tooth. Her favorite is kit kat.
// Animals: Noir loves all sorts of animals whether they are canines to felines to tigers and bears. She likes them all.
// Phoenix Dawn: Who wouldn't love their gang/ organization affiliation? Noir loves her group, and she will do whatever she can to keep them safe.
// Violence: Strange as that is since she's affiliated with a gang/organization, she hates violence. However, if push comes to shove, she'll do what she has to.
// Alleys: Dark, sketcy, and shady-- Noir hates the alleys. She's not fond of them and hates to even turn her head if she comes or passes one.
// Noise: You could say this is a strange dislike considering she lives beside the city. Noir just doens't like too much noise, she can only bare so much.
// Darkness: Simple. Noir hates the dark.
// Technology: Noir isn't fond of technology. The only thing she has is a cell phone and a small tv.

PREFERENCE — Noir is strictly hetrosexual. She likes men who she can act all "Please take care of me". Don't get her wrong, she's strong, but she likes the feel of someone protecting her. And no, Noir is not experienced.

FEAR(S) — One word--Darkness. Noir hates the dark. She can't stand to be in a room where there is no source of light or window. She doesn't like to feel "boxed in".

HABIT(S) — She has a habit in biting her inner cheek when she's in a deep state of thought.
RELATIONS — Mother: Cecil Caverly Father: Fredrick Caverly Brother: Alexander Caverly

Noir was suppose to be named after her mother, but instead her mother decided to call her Noir Cecila Caverly. Her mother's name is part of her middle name. Noir was born on August 11. Born to a middle class family with a mom a dad, and an older sibling. She has an older brother named Alexander who she looks up to. They're very close siblings--more like best friends.

Noir has lived in the East Bond all her life. She likes it there because she's close to the beach. Noir has a talent for surfing, so her life has been well acquainted with where she comes from. She graduated from the University of Yeoleum two years ago. Noir is affiliated with an organization known as Phoenix Dawn. Phoenix Dawn is an all girl organization. They don't really associate themselves with the violence of gangs, but when it comes around the corner, they're not afraid to step up the plate. Noir is currently the head leader, and has been a member since she turned thirteen. She's not the strongest of the group, but she does well in managing.

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PostSubject: Re: Caverly, Noir   Caverly, Noir EmptyFri Apr 05, 2013 3:38 pm

the mayor notes,
Welcome to Break The Chains, an anime city, gang roleplay.
Your character application looks good to go.

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Caverly, Noir
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