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. Konichiwa
WELCOME TO BREAK THE CHAINS, an original anime based roleplay. BTC is a no word count site which allows users to interact with others through a play-by-post. Characters; however, must be anime/manga based face claim. Absolutely, no real life characters. There is no direct plot line; members are free to do as they please. However, plot events may occur, and anyone willing to participate may do so.

BTC is a new forum; therefore, member and activity is slow. We warmly welcome new comers; guests and new members alike. Please fill free to lurk around and enjoy as the site slowly progresses. Thanks for stopping by, love. (◠‿◠✿)

We are best viewed in Chrome. If you use IE or FF then things may not look correct, so please don't complain.





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 Arington, Lexis

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Lexis Arington

Lexis Arington

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PostSubject: Arington, Lexis   Arington, Lexis EmptySun Apr 07, 2013 3:47 pm

// Arington, Lexis

AGE. 25
OCCUPATION. Special Agent, Working for the government
GENDER. Female
SEXUALITY. Heterosexual
BOUND. South
WEIGHT. 140 lbs.
HEIGHT. 05'09"

APPEARANCE.Lexis literally has the average grown woman body. She has average curved, a rather average chest size and average frame. She has short brown hair and matching eyes. She possesses unexpectedly delicate and smooth hands even though she gets involved with a lot of paperwork. She only has light feminine muscles and thus relies on gunpower when she engages battle. As for her clothing appeal, red is her signature color.
PERSONALITY.In an overall look, Lexis can be described as the desperately single 25 year old woman. As serious as her job requires her to be, her life and personality out of agent position is a complete different matter. She is a woman who is literally sulking over the fact that she's single, but also tries to convince herself that she doesn't need a man to be happy. As for non-romance related things, she will act like a caring big sister to people younger than her, even if their position in life is higher than hers. She always has a smile on her face when she's around strangers and generally she's a pretty welcoming person. It's pretty difficult to anger or annoy her.
// Red - It's her favorite color and everyone has to know. If not all, at least half of her wardrobe is full of red clothing.
// Stuffed Animals - Stuffed animals are her weakness. She finds them extremely cute, especially if they're gifts from handsome men.
// Flowers - She just appreciates a good flower arrangment
// Classical Music - She finds classical music relaxing and it helps her clear her mind.
// Shopping - Because wasting money is awesome
// Rude Behavior - She just thinks it's stupid to have a bad behavior in front of others. It ruins your social image and you'll never find a perfect man with a ruined image.
// Smoke - It makes her dizzy most of the time.
// Rainy Days - Too depressing.
// Filthy Places - She won't even get close to a filthy place or person.

PREFERENCE — Her love life has been a disaster up 'till now. Her first love got together with her best friend, her second relationship was with a married man who regretted everything and left her and her third relationship was with an older man who turned out to be a completely poor guy who only wanted her money. And with all that misfortune, she tried to mentally convince herself that she doesn't need a man in her life. But her female instincts tell her otherwise and thus she is currently in a really complicated state.

FEAR(S) — She fears that someday she might end up being poor and homeless and no one will want her in their life.

HABIT(S) — She starts fidgeting her lips with her fingers when she's bored.
RELATIONS — Both Mother and Father are alive but live in a different city. She still keeps contact with them though because she loves them both dearly

Not much to talk about here. She had a pretty normal childhood. She had the typical high school life with all its ups and downs. Her father used to be an agent of the police and so she decided to follow his path seeing as nothing else appealed to her. She studied a lot, got her college degree and quickly found a job at the nearby city of Yeoleum. She moved out of her parents' house to live near her job. Some years past and she finally climbed up the ranks to become a special agent. She currently works for the government, the police and generally for the law.


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PostSubject: Re: Arington, Lexis   Arington, Lexis EmptyMon Apr 08, 2013 12:10 am

the mayor notes,
Welcome to Break The Chains, an anime city, gang roleplay.
Your character application looks good to go.

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Arington, Lexis
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