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. Konichiwa
WELCOME TO BREAK THE CHAINS, an original anime based roleplay. BTC is a no word count site which allows users to interact with others through a play-by-post. Characters; however, must be anime/manga based face claim. Absolutely, no real life characters. There is no direct plot line; members are free to do as they please. However, plot events may occur, and anyone willing to participate may do so.

BTC is a new forum; therefore, member and activity is slow. We warmly welcome new comers; guests and new members alike. Please fill free to lurk around and enjoy as the site slowly progresses. Thanks for stopping by, love. (◠‿◠✿)

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 Park, Sena

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Sena Park

Sena Park

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PostSubject: Park, Sena   Park, Sena EmptyWed Apr 24, 2013 1:30 am

// Park, Sena

AGE. 18
OCCUPATION. Part-time food taster / nurse aid
GENDER. Female
SEXUALITY. Hetrosexual
BOUND. Eastbound
WEIGHT. 114 lbs
HEIGHT. 5'6"

APPEARANCE.One would most probably wouldn't believe when that person realizes that one of Sena's jobs was a food taster. Despite eating a lot from a wide-array of food, Sena still maintains her slim figure --- even without much workout. She has an unusually likable pale skin, which also unusually matches well with her long blonde hair. Most of the times she let her hair loose. She actually prefers it that way than tied or styled, but then again she is forced to tie it whenever she's on her nursing aide duty --- what can she do, it's hospital policy. Her eyes are colored dark-brown, and normally amidst unknown people she wears either a piercing or confused stare. Sometimes she manages to do both in the same time. When it comes to clothes, she's not that picky ---anything that is comfortable yet also stylish is acceptable.
PERSONALITY.Looks can be deceiving. At first glance, Sena looks like a normal person. She can be thought of as snob, cruel and heartless, but she's the exact opposite. Partly she's not normal, but tries her best to fit in and be like everyone else. Sena is kind, somewhat friendly if she senses you're not about to grab her and suplex her, and loud, especially to people she is fond of. Although she's not that cheery, Sena likes helping people or making people feel good or that they are special or loved. She prefers pleasing people than putting them down. Because of these traits, people with malicious minds would misunderstand her. They might think she's trying to charm people...well, some even call her "bitch". But she didn't mind. She also tries not to mind people who pick a fight with her, though a few word-wars would be heard at first before you hear her mum and just walk away...not that she gives up but it's just a waste of time.

Being kind and pleasing people can sometimes disarray her normal self-balance, because Sena always try to be cautious with strangers.

Time is very important to Sena, as she regard every second ticking important to her. This is rooted to the fact that she has a cruel disease within her. Also, because of this she tries to be cool with everything, though of course because she's just human some things get out of hand too. Also, because of the above-stated reason Sena can be clumsy at times. A few difficulties in speech also occur. Another downside is the recurrent depression, which explains why she is "not that" cheery even if she's loud. Though, she's trying her best to overcome it or hide it from people.
// Pleasing or helping people
// Cool afternoons
// Food
// Cats
// Heels and wedges
// Making people worry
// Smoke
// Humid weather
// Arrogant people
//Dark, enclosed places

PREFERENCE — Sena is definitely a woman from inside out. Yeah, she's straight, and is interested to straight men, though it won't hurt if she'll be friends with bisexuals. She likes men who are a tough yet soft, clean-looking though sometimes messes up with their looks. There isn't any height requirement or anything physical, she's more into how he treats her and that. Oh, loyalty is her first requirement. Though she liked men who like to take care of her, she would be turned off if it's too much. She would also be pleased if he is independent, as she is well-aware that one day or next she'll be gone.

FEAR(S) — Aside from dying without fighting, she's afraid of cockroaches. Who isn't afraid of flying cockroaches? Oh, she doesn't mind dark places, but put her in a dark AND narrow place such as your closet, she'll totally freak out.

HABIT(S) — When thinking, depressed or in a tight situation, she can't help but to bite her fingernails.

Older Brother: Tommy [deceased]

Sena was born to a loving family composed of her mother and father. Sena didn't have any siblings, or she HAD, his name was Tommy, but he died before she was born due to a disease. Her parents were very protective and caring of her, hence she didn't have any problems growing up...until one day which was the turning point of her life. She had occasional headaches, which she thought was fine so she didn't bother disclosing it to her parents. Then, her weight started to shed much to the alarm of her mother, who quickly forced her to eat more than she could and religiously take in vitamins. At the age of sixteen, she experience tripping and falling more than any normal person of her age, most of the time bruising her forehead. Yes, when those times come she couldn't even use her hands or knees to protect herself from the fall. Sena didn't mind all of these at first, but once her parents noticed they became bothered. They brought Sena to the hospital for a check-up where they found out that she has spinocerebellar degeneration, the same sickness that killed Sena's brother.

Upon knowing of her condition, Sena's parents became very protective of her, but Sena did not approve of this though she understand where this come from. She saw their pain and fear of losing another child. Despite her parent's petition for her to just stay at home and rest, Sena declined to for she thought that is tantamount to surrendering her life to the disease. She decided to look for work that will help her research about her disease and be up-to-date to the progresses in medicine, hence she became a nurse aid. Further, since one of the things she wanted to do before she dies is to taste every food possible, she tried to look for a another job related to food, hence she became a part-time food taster.

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Sena Park

Sena Park

Posts : 6
Join date : 2013-04-23

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PostSubject: Re: Park, Sena   Park, Sena EmptySun Apr 28, 2013 1:21 pm

Sorry for the delay, but this is done.
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Ryuji Okumura
Night Beasts
Ryuji Okumura

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PostSubject: Re: Park, Sena   Park, Sena EmptySun Apr 28, 2013 2:36 pm

Ryuji here~
かわいそう (´;д;`) Damn disease!
Welcome to Break The Chains, an anime city, gang roleplay.
Your character application looks good to go.

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PostSubject: Re: Park, Sena   Park, Sena Empty

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Park, Sena
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