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WELCOME TO BREAK THE CHAINS, an original anime based roleplay. BTC is a no word count site which allows users to interact with others through a play-by-post. Characters; however, must be anime/manga based face claim. Absolutely, no real life characters. There is no direct plot line; members are free to do as they please. However, plot events may occur, and anyone willing to participate may do so.

BTC is a new forum; therefore, member and activity is slow. We warmly welcome new comers; guests and new members alike. Please fill free to lurk around and enjoy as the site slowly progresses. Thanks for stopping by, love. (◠‿◠✿)

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 Ryuji's Plots And Relationships

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Ryuji Okumura
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Ryuji's Plots And Relationships  Empty
PostSubject: Ryuji's Plots And Relationships    Ryuji's Plots And Relationships  EmptyMon Apr 22, 2013 10:24 am

Ryuji's Plots And Relationships  Plot_i11 ...Ryuji's Plots And Relationships  Plot_i11 ...Ryuji's Plots And Relationships  Plot_i11

Even if it seems so, it's not difficult to be friends with Ryuji. Of course being friends with him automatically means that you practically belong to him and no one else is allowed to be friends with you. But that's only what he thinks. He won't do anything weird to prove this thought of his, but he will be quite jealous when you "ignore" him. The real problem is the beginning of a friendship. When it comes to meeting new people, it all depends on the first impression. If he doesn't hate you, you won't have a problem being friends with him. As for "taking a liking" at people, it's rare to non existing. Yes, he is a forever alone, so, you can just consider him a villain or something.


Well, this is an easy one. Although Ryuji will probably not hate someone as much as to lead him in any weird assassination thoughts, it's easy to get in his nerves. As long as you go along with his logic and opinions, there won't really be a problem. But when you actually dare to oppose him, he won't stop bugging you until he makes his side win. If that doesn't happen, he will continue doing that every time you meet him until he achieves it. He's not one that lets things off easily.


Whatisthis. He's not very experienced in the love subject. Actually, he's not experienced at all. He hasn't really seen anyone in a romantic way before, except for a crush he had on one of his maids when he was nine which practically doesn't count. Only recently did he realize that people actually cared about that kind of stuff. He could be considered asexual, but apparently, he is sexually not romantically attracted to certain body types such as YOU THOUGHT I WAS GONNA TELL YOU? LOL NOPE. independent of what gender they belong to. Anyway, it's really rare for him to actually do something about a crush or the like. He's too stubborn to give in to such desires, but if he did, it would be for someone that could handle his childish personality with ease.


Masami Sakuma - "Aaarg, how can one be so stubborn?" *is actually even more stubborn*

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Ryuji's Plots And Relationships
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